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Philadelphia Mediation provides an effecient and cost effective alternative to litigation.

When comparing mediation to arbitration and litigation, mediation is often a less expensive and a shorter process. It also has significantly reduced risk, as mediation attempts to resolve the situation by meeting the needs of all sides of the dispute.  It is also an empowering process because control is maintained by the parties as the ultimate decision makers.  When the parties resolve their situation through mediation, rather than through a judge or arbitration panel, there is significantly less animosity between the parties and as a result, a minimized chance of appeal.  Compromise in mediation allows both parties to win; something that is not possible in litigation.


All of our Mediators are barred attorneys, licensed to practice in the areas and jurisdiction where the mediation will take place.

Philadelphia Mediation works closely with therapists, doctors, government agencies and other support staff to provide the services you need for a successful closure of your dispute.  

Since our mediators are licensed attorneys we can also fully conclude all your matters with professionally developed contracts, court filings, and other legal documents.

Philadelphia Mediation is the premiere center for Mediation in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, including most of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Our mediators are all fully licensed attorneys who have actually litigated hundreds of cases in Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, and Berks Counties in Pennsylvania and Camden, Atlantic, Burlington, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Cape May, and Ocean Counties in New Jersey.  This extensive courtroom experience, along with their specialized training in Mediation and Arbitration techniques, gives them the advantage in solving your needs.


2016 Spruce Street, 

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tel: 215-764-5800

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