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Mediation is perfect to solve problems and resolve disputes in construction issues, contract disputes, small and large monetary claims, and equity claims. Any case that is already in the courts and scheduled for court assisted arbitration, is ripe to be mediated.  Even larger cases that are not eligible for court assisted arbitration are also great candidates for a quick and effective resolution at mediation.


Complex and emotional issues are better served in mediation as both sides can come to an amicable resolution that can often solve underlying issues and allow both parties have closure.  In many cases a lengthy litigation only causes more tension and angst between the parties and can lead to further litigation or appeals.  Mediation often solves the entire issue one or two combined sessions; with almost no risk of appeals or further litigation.  

Our mediators are experienced is resolving disputes in the following areas:

  • Landlord/tenant

  • Homeowners' associations

  • Builders/contractors

  • Realtors/homeowners

  • Contracts of any kind

  • Medical malpractice

  • Personal injury

  • Partnerships

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Faith communities



2016 Spruce Street, 

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tel: 215-764-5800

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