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Divorce Mediation can save you thousands of dollars compared to litigation.

Mediation is efficient, effective and completely confidential. It empowers you and your spouse or partner with the ability to work together to make the right decisions for your family. This empowerment is extremely important if you have complex issues, such as child custody or significant marital assets. Mediation allows parties to communicate in a logical and proven manner, in a comforting and trusting environment.

What You Should Know About Divorce Mediation:


The typical result is a complete resolution of the conflict.  This resolution is developed by the separating parties for their benefit, with often a reduced cost and effort when compared to litigation.  Depending on the complexity of the issues involved, a complete resolution can occur in just a few short mediation sessions, as compared to the possibility of years spent in courtroom litigation.

Steps of the Mediation Process:


  1. Contact Philadelphia Mediation.

  2. Mediate or Litigate:  Determine if divorce and mediation are right for you.  Philadelphia Mediators will work with each party to determine the readiness to dissolve your marriage.

  3.  Make a Plan: Mediators will help you plan a healthy and complete divorce.  The mediation process can be quick and usually works in as little as 1-3 months, or at a comfortable pace set by you.

  4. Assessment: Complete a full assessment of your needs, problems, current legal and financial situation and goals.

  5. Mediation: Mediators will talk with the parties about current divorce law, common solutions, problem solving techniques and typical courtroom resolutions.  Mediators will assess, confirm and work with the parties to develop a complete resolution to the current conflict.

  6.  Drafting: A marital separation agreement or property settlement agreement will be developed through discussion and one-on-one involvement.  Additional QDROs, Child Custody Agreements and other paperwork will be created if necessary.

  7. Finalize: Philadelphia Mediation will walk you through the final steps of the divorce process; typically using the 90-day divorce provision under Pennsylvania Divorce Law.

  8. Follow-up.  The mediators at Philadelphia Mediation are always there for you, even after the process is complete.  Feel free to call us with any questions or if further mediation is needed.


  1. Property Distribution (Assets / Liabilities)

  2. Parenting Time / Child Custody

  3. Child Support / Spousal Support / Maintenance Agreements

  4. Retirement Distribution / QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order)

  5. Taxes / Collections /Annuities

  6. Real Estate / Pets


Divorce Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation

When couples make a initial decision to divorce, there are two distinctive paths they can choose: litigation or mediation.  Divorce Litigation and Divorce Mediation are very different strategies that have their own benefits and drawbacks.  Mediation focuses on working together to create a mutually beneficial and agreeable proposal for division of assets and debts, proper distribution and custody and support when applicable.

If children are involved in a divorce situation, Philadelphia Mediation focuses on the best interests of the children along with maintaining a proper family bond.


Complex divorce situations are often quickly resolved by mediation because the parties are working together to solve the issues; which deserve focus, rather then fighting about each and every issue. Mediation allows the couple, not the court, to decide their fate.


Our mediators can help develop a legally binding contact and court orders to resolve any issue.



- Whether Divorce is the best option for the parties.
- Living situations and Visitation for the children.
- How to properly manage shared care and custody of the children. 
- Working with each other to solve parenting issues.

- Division of assets (marital home, other homes, cars, personal property, etc.).
- Division of current liabilities 
- Proper Financial support and care (medical, psychological, etc.) for family members.


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